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First things first: who chooses title company?
Does it matter if the title company is written into the contract?
So what am I paying a title company to do?
What exactly is a title?
So what is title insurance?
Why would I want title insurance?
But really, what could go wrong with the title, anyway?
How are title insurance premiums set?
OK. So now I've read the list, and I want title insurance for the home I'm in now! What do I do?
Why would I need title insurance if I'm only refinancing?
Why would I want title insurance on a brand new house?
What Do I You Need For My Closing
Can the buyer or seller write a personal check at closing?
What are 'certified funds'?
Can I use cash?
Can we show a home repair allowance on the HUD?
Can the seller write a check directly to the buyer for the home repair allowance?
I'm selling my condominium - what extra information will be needed for closing?
If a property was bought before getting married, does the spouse need to attend the closing?
As a buyer, I am married, but my spouse isn't on the loan. Do they still need to attend the closing?
What is the difference between General Warranty, Limited Warranty and Quit Claim Deeds?